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Social Responsibility

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Our mission

We produce high-quality products with least possible impact on environment. We are also the leader in fertilizer market in Croatia and a significant player in the regional market.

Our vision

We are establishing partnerships and good communication with our customers, owners and the wider community with the aim of fully understanding and meeting their needs and requirements.

Our objectives

- Total customer satisfaction achieved by high quality products and services;
- Assets growth of shareholders;
- Sales growth in regional market up to total capacity utilization;
- Modernization with the aim of cost reduction and humanization of work;
- Environmental protection in line with the standards of Republic of Croatia  and EU,
- Encouraging workers' creativity in accomplishing their goals.

Decisions of the Company General Meeting

The Extraordinary General Meeting of Petrokemija, Plc. was held today at the Company headquarters. The General Meeting adopted the Decision on appointement of the Supervisory Board member Robert Blažinović from Zagreb at four years mandate period. They also adopted Decision on compensation of travel costs to Supervisory Board members.